Technical ship management

A team of experienced nautical and technical superintendents, all of them former masters and chief engineers, ensure safe, reliable and cost effective vessel operation. Our goal is 365 (366) days technical on hire each year.

Through periodical worldwide on board inspections HAMMONIA is able to monitor the technical conditions of their vessels continuously and define in time work schedules and corrective measures.

A modern planned maintenance software with a data exchange ship to shore/shore to ship on a daily base helps to plan, report and control preventive maintenance tasks.

Being a member of a large procurement group operating more than 400 ships grants cost effective spare parts, consumables and lubricating oil supplies.

A comprehensive ERP system connects directly the procurement  of ships spares with the annual budget and invoice processing ensuring continuous budget control.

Dry dockings are being planned in a timely manner taken trading areas and  their cost advantages into consideration. It is HAMMONIA’s company policy that dry dockings being accompanied by 2 superintendents.