June 06, 2018

Christening and delivery of Industrial Courage

Industrial Courage has been christened and delivered in Guangzhou on 08.05.2018.

The vessel is Intermarine’s first ship in the F300 class, a series of 6 which are planned to be delivered in 2018 and 2019.

The ceremony took place in the CSSC Wenchong Shipyard with representatives of CSSC, Intermarine and Hammonia Reederei. After the traditional blessings, Ms. Suzlynna Andersen, wife of Intermarine’s Managing Director Kuala Lumpur Mr. Christian Andersen, christened Industrial Courage while the bottle break across the ship’s hull, wishing a safe voyage.

The special design of the vessel with a length of 99,9m, matches the unique requirements of the Caribbean trade she will serve. With a gross tonnage of 7498mt and two 150mt cranes (300mt in tandem lift), she will load project cargo as well as containers. The vessel is powered by a WinDG W6X 35-B, rated power 3950 kW.

The first journey will take the vessel across the Pacific Ocean to Houston. After that she will join in Intermarine’s Carribbean trade.